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Let’s figure out what works and what doesn’t work in making Bitcoins and then growing them! By learning from successful Bitcoin businesses today and trying different methods to make and grow Bitcoins openly!

Current Balance (Sep 30):

$221,725 or 51.420 BTC

With the majority of Bitcoin Millionaires being created from the incredible rise in value of Bitcoin, is it still possible to become a Bitcoin Millionaire today? How are others doing it?  To address these questions the site will focus on 3 main areas:

Interview Bitcoin businesses to help others learn from their success.

Share key Bitcoin resources and test ways to make and grow Bitcoins.

Journal of my monthly profit or loss  in Bitcoin and USD.

Learn from interviews of profitable Bitcoin businesses!


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Bitcoin Millionaire Monthly Profit September 2017

$216,648 - Last Month  $221,725 - This Month ...

Bitcoin Millionaire Monthly Profit August 2017

$116,284 - Last Month  $216,648 - This Month ...

Bitcoin Millionaire Monthly Profit July 2017

$102,659 - Last Month  $116,284 - This Month ...

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